NAMCYACollege Choir Compilation - Series 1


A collection of Filipino Choral Music for Adult Choir compiled by the National Music Competitions for Young Artists.


  1. Sa Inang Bayan by Lucrecia R. Kasilag
  2. Pahimatorog by Lucrecia R. Kasilag
  3. Kalonan by Ramon P. Santos
  4. Magtanim ay di Biro arranged by Felipe P. de Leon
  5. Bonifacio by Felipe P. de Leon
  6. Daling-Daling by Eduardo G. Parungao
  7. Mindanao Medley by Eduardo G. Parungao
  8. Tilibum, Tilibum Tilibum by Lucrecia R. Kasilag
  9. Ang Alibambang by Alfredo S. Buenaventura

NAMCYA College Choir Compilation - Series 1