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Saulogon Ta - Volume 1

A compilation of Liturgical and Inspirational Songs written by Salesian Priests and Lay Affiliates


Despite the physical distance and other challenges, the Salesian Music Ministry continues its goal of producing and promoting songs for inspiration, for worship or just for artistic enjoyment. Let me introduce to you our new songbook: Saulugon Ta. It is a compilation of new sets of occasional songs both in Cebuano and English. They are designed specifically for Liturgical purposes. Some of these songs are new like “Dali” and “Isangyaw”; others such as “All that I can Give” and “The Lord is My Strength” have been used for quite some time. “St. John Bosco Our Loving Father” has been the anthem of Bosconians then and now; “We are Pilgrims” was the Theme Song of the Association of Catholic Shrines and Pilgrimages of the Philippines (ACSP) when it celebrated its 25th foundational anniversary.

[DIGITAL] Saulogon Ta - Volume 1