“Sing comfortably while keeping yourself and the community safe.”


The TAGINTING singer’s mask sits out from the mouth and has room inside for unrestricted movement of the jaw, lips, and mouth. Designed with the singer in mind, we know how important it is to be able to breathe deep. Even deep inhalation does not cause the mask to collapse. Diction, volume, and resonance are minimally affected.


The TAGINTING singer’s mask has 4 layers -- non-absorbent outer layer fabric (neoprene), absorbent inner layer fabric (cotton span), and 2 middle layers of non-woven, non-absorbent fabrics. Each mask includes an extended nose wire that makes singing in full voice & articulation comfortable.


Each mask is packaged with a carrying bag. This carrying bag is intended to provide an easy and hygienic way to transport the mask without cross contamination.



The wire along the top of the mask is intended to allow you to form-fit the mask to your face. Manipulate the wire to follow the curve down the side of your nose and the curve of your cheeks. We added a drawstring mechanism at the bottom of the mask to give you a snug fit under your chin by just pulling the stopper on one end of the string. Use both strings on each side around ears.


Please double check your size as we will not accept returns due to sanitary precautions.


Coupon Codes

  • Quartet (4-7 pcs) 10% off
  • Octet (8-15 pcs) 15% off
  • Ensemble (16-24 pcs) 20% off
  • Choir (25-49 pcs) 30% off
  • GrandChoir (>49 pcs) 40% off

The TAGINTING Singer's Mask

  • Clean upon receipt and before every use. Handwash with soap and warm water and hang to dry. Do not iron. It is not advisable to place the face mask in the washing machine or dryer as it may lose its structure.